Maternity Leave Makes Strong Gains in Last 10 Years


Benefits come and benefits go, affecting family lifestyle, government expenditure, and employer policy. In the last 10 years, employees worldwide have witnessed a significant increase in maternity benefit generosity, according to an analysis of a decade of Mercer’s annual Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines (WBEG). The 2014 WBEG is now available and includes in-depth data for 64 countries on trends, overviews, statutory and typical benefits, employment conditions, and more. “Each country around the world, and even each region within certain countries, has its own practices and traditions regarding employee benefits,” says Samantha Polovina, the Mercer Principal responsible for the report. “That makes it especially challenging for multinational employers. Most of them are likely to have a core set of benefits that are available to all employees, but they also need to tailor benefit programs by country to meet these specific, local requirements and expectations.” Learn more … Learn more

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Employees Benefit in Unusual Ways


The term “employee benefit” tends to conjure up thoughts of health care, retirement plans, and various forms of insurance. But in some parts of the world, as revealed by Mercer’s 2014 Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines, employees enjoy certain benefits focused on supporting local traditions, raising the standard of living, or even promoting a cleaner environment. In one case, the … Learn more

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Staffing Up, Separations Flat for US, Canadian Employers


More than half of employers in the US and Canada saw an increase in full-time employee numbers in 2013 with separations remaining steady into the near future, according to the Mercer Turnover Survey. The report is based on data provided from 120 Canadian and 145 US organizations in early 2014 and outlines the number of voluntary, involuntary, and retirement separations that occurred in the … Learn more

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Companies Try to Align Total Rewards with Business Strategies


While more than half of the organizations participating in Mercer’s 2014 Total Rewards Survey made a significant change to their total rewards strategies in the past three years, less than one-third of them think their total rewards and business strategies are fully aligned. Mercer’s survey examines how firms connect their compensation, benefits, training, and career development practices with … Learn more

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Turning Data into Actionable Insights


Organizations understand the value of capturing and analyzing their workforce data to support people and business decisions, but they still struggle to do it effectively. Mercer’s 2014 Metrics, Analytics, and Technology Snapshot Survey, conducted among 180 respondents in 145 organizations predominantly in Europe, shows that most organizations have access to at least some workforce data, but … Learn more

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