Are talent investments paying off?

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Talent is the key to success in today’s global economy, but as organizations increase their investment in human capital, many of them question whether it is paying off. According to more than 1,260 global HR executives polled in Mercer’s Talent Barometer Survey, talent investments have increased, but less than a quarter of organizations worldwide say that their workforce plans are very effective in meeting their talent needs. Mercer leaders presented the survey findings and discussed talent challenges at the recent World Economic Forum 2013 Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

“Effective workforce planning is essential to understanding how talent can impact the ability of an organization to meet its growth objectives,” said Orlando Ashford, President of Mercer’s Talent business. “Employers need to apply the same level of rigor and analysis to their strategic talent plans as they do any other area of competitive business advantage. By viewing HR programs and practices through this strategic lens, organizations can focus on those efforts that drive positive and measureable results.”

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