Employers cautious with 2013 pay raises

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Annual employee pay increases are a reflection of both the overall economy and specific business performance. Mercer’s 2012 Global Compensation Planning Report (GCPR) and 2012/2013 US Compensation Planning Survey show that, while economic growth is expected to accelerate somewhat next year around the world, employers remain cautious with 2013 pay increases. Covering more than 100 countries, GCPR provides data and analysis on actual salary increases for 2011 and 2012 as well as projected increases for 2013, plus an outlook on economic growth and inflation.

“Despite continued mixed economic signals, salary budget increases in many parts of the world, including the US, are gradually improving,” says Niklaus Kobel, a Senior Researcher at Mercer. “This is critical, as employees have indicated that base pay is the most important element of the employment deal.

“Employers also recognize that in order to attract and retain top-performing employees, they’re going to have to reward them in line with geographic and industry dynamics,” he adds.

See what pay raises are planned around the world for 2013

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For more information about this survey, visit www.imercer.com/gcpr.

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