Generation gap

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Mercer’s What’s Working™ survey reveals that younger employees see things differently – often more positively – compared to older employees. They are more satisfied with their employers and more likely to recommend their organization as a good place to work, yet also much more likely to be seriously considering leaving.

“These findings present a real dilemma for employers,” said Colleen O’Neill, PhD, North American Leader for Talent Management consulting at Mercer. “Do they simply accept that young talent is going to leave no matter what the organization has to offer, or do they invest time and resources in an attempt to change the views and employment habits of their younger workers?”

“Strategies, of course, will vary by organization, but it is essential to first have a clear understanding of an employer’s value proposition and then analyze what steps can or should be taken to increase the tenure of young workers,” she says.

See what generation gaps exist among US workers.

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