Parental leave part 2: Building careers, raising families

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For many parents, paid leave and work-family support after childbirth or adoption greatly affect their families’ health and financial wellbeing. Mercer’s 2012 Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines outlines parental leave policies in 62 countries around the world. These policies are continually evolving to keep pace with changing social and economic needs.

One example is the addition of paternity leave. Some countries have a formal policy mandated by law, while others are simply beginning to endorse the concept of paternity leave without spelling out specific legal requirements for it.

“Countries across Europe – northern, southern and eastern – are leading the way in establishing formal paternity leave policies, but we’re also seeing policies in Latin American countries such as Venezuela,” says Robyn Cameron, Global Leader of Mercer’s International consulting group. “Quite a few other countries have no statutory provisions for paternity leave, but employers in these countries still are beginning to offer leave to new fathers.”

See how paternity leave policies vary around the world.

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