Quality of Living Rankings Spotlight Emerging Cities

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Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey — conducted to help multinational organizations compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments — ranks cities in Western Europe, New Zealand, and Canada among the best in terms of such quality factors as political/social/economic environment, medical/health considerations, and education. This year’s survey also recognizes several emerging cities that have been investing heavily in their infrastructures to improve their quality of living and compete for expats with the highest-ranked cities.

“Political instability, high crime levels, and elevated air pollution are a few factors that can be detrimental to the daily lives of expatriate employees and their families,” said Slagin Parakatil, Senior Researcher at Mercer. “To ensure that compensation packages reflect the local environment appropriately, employers need a clear picture of the quality of living in the cities where they operate.

“In a world economy, cities beyond the traditional financial and business centers are working to improve their quality of living so they can attract more foreign companies,” Parakatil added. “This year’s survey recognizes these emerging cities and points to a few examples from around the world.”

Learn more about city quality-of-living rankings for expatriate employees.

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140224-Mercer-122-QualityOfLiving-finalFor more information about this survey, visit www.imercer.com/qol

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