The great divide

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Mercer’s What’s Working™ survey reveals that rank-and-file employees have a dramatically different – less positive and more skeptical – perspective on their jobs and employers compared to both managers and senior managers.

“Across virtually all aspects of the work experience – such as pay, benefits, performance management, careers, work environment and management effectiveness – nonmanagers hold distinctly different views than do their bosses,” says Michael Burniston, US and Canada leader of Mercer’s Human Capital business.

“This should be of significant concern to business leaders, as they may be making decisions based on their unique perspective – one that is not shared by the majority of their employees,” he adds. “Decision makers may underestimate the degree of discontent in their workplaces and have an inaccurate view on what could be done to increase employee engagement and productivity.”

Check out the divide between manager and nonmanager views in the US.

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