When disaster strikes: Assessing workforce readiness around the world

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(This infographic was originally published on June 19. We are reposting it now in light of Hurricane Sandy and the impact the storm has had on employers and employees across the northeastern US.)

No part of the globe remains free from the threat of natural and manmade disasters. In fact, 2011 was one of the worst years on record, and 2012 is keeping up the pace. From earthquakes to tsunamis to tornadoes to hurricanes, people have lost their lives, homes and property at a devastating rate. Employers, meanwhile, must deal with the impact of such events on their employees and operations. Through Mercer’s Survey on Workforce Readiness: When Disaster Strikes, more than 140 organizations reflected on the past year and their own preparedness.

“While many companies have business continuity emergency plans in place to handle infrastructure, our research shows that many of these plans do not cover the impact of a displaced workforce,” says Samantha Polovina, the Mercer Principal who oversaw the research. “As we have seen during recent disasters, without a workforce plan, companies have to scramble to accommodate displaced and distraught employees.”

According to Polovina, two overriding themes emerged from the research. First, employers must be prepared with policies and procedures in place so they can react quickly and effectively in case of a disaster. And, second, when such events occur, employers need to issue clear and ongoing communication to all affected parties.

Find out how prepared employers are for disasters.

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For more information about this survey, visit www.imercer.com/workforcereadiness.

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