Work/life balancing act

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Mercer’s What’s Working™ survey shows that US employees are slightly more positive today, compared with five years ago, about their ability to maintain work/life balance. Women are more likely than men to say they can find balance between their personal and work lives. Women and young workers also place more importance on flexible work arrangements.

“Most likely as a result of some fairly dramatic, economy-driven changes in the workplace in recent years, fewer US workers today say their workloads are reasonable,” says Bruce Barge, a Partner in Mercer’s Human Capital business. “But despite this, more workers say they can achieve work/life balance.”

“We also found that work/life balance ranks as one of the top factors influencing employee motivation and engagement in the US,” he adds. “Employees are willing to work hard, but they also want work arrangements to reflect and accommodate their personal lives.”

See how well US employees are finding work/life balance.

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